George Lucas once said: “Sound is 50 percent of the movie going experience.”


This concept is also true for documentaries, commercials, and just about every other audiovisual work. A polished soundtrack will not only make your project sound professional, but most importantly, will elevate it to an immersive emotional experience.


Story is king and so is clean and audible dialogue! Dialogue editing requires attention to detail by a trained set of ears to refine and polish every talent's audio track.


Only two things are unforgivable: bad acting and bad sound! A well balanced soundtrack should always serve one king: dialogue. All elements: music, sound effects, foley, ambiances, etc must always be well balanced around the dialogue. There's nothing more annoying then trying to figure out what the characters are saying. Bad sound is not only distracting, but unprofessional! Whether your film is playing on your local movie theater, broadcast television, on any of the popular streamers such as Netflix and Amazon, or simply living on the internet (Youtube, Vimeo), every project must meet a specific loudness standard depending on where it will be playing. Ensuring that your project is mixed for the right platform, will ultimately give your audience the best possible viewing experience.

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